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Photoshop Lady - Top Graphic Content and Most Advanced Stock Image Search Engine

About Photoshop Lady

Photoshop Lady aims to collect the best and free photoshop tutorials around the internet. All of the high quality photoshop tutorials are categorized into 3D Effect, Abstract Effect, Drawing Effect, Photo Effect, Text Effect, Texture & Patterns and User Interface Design.

You can see the rating and number of views for each Photoshop tutorials.You can add your favorite photoshop tutorials simply by clicking “Add to Favorite”, so that you can revisit them at any time. You can also drag your favorite photoshop tutorials into the bin if you do not need them anymore.

Photoshop Lady is updated daily. Please make sure you have subscribe to our RSS Feed as well, so that you can receive new high quality photoshop tutorials everyday. We are very welcome you to submit your own photoshop tutorials to us as well. There will be more features coming soon. Please stay tuned.

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